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Since its invention and production for NASA, companies were looking for ways through which they could commercially use the technology to make the memory foam mattress. Well, in the 1990s the mattress was first manufactured for mass use in hospitals and since then there has been no looking back. A memory foam mattress is a type of mattress that is made using special cells which when pressed down they don’t react by pushing back as is the case with the normal mattresses. The memory foam mattress cells extend the pressure that you exert on it to the neighboring cells. This creates a feeling of buoyancy and comfort for you.

Over the years many manufacturers have come up with memory foam mattresses most of which are substandard. Whereas y cannot actually pinpoint a memory mattress that has been made using fake or substandard materials it is important to know how a genuine memory foam mattress looks like and how it behaves. The memory mattress helps one to relax and have a good night sleep.

A genuine good memory foam mattress tends to harden when it’s cold and becomes extra soft when the temperature goes up. That is why it is called memory mattress because it tends to remember the conditions of the surroundings. Even though a million mattresses exist out there, it is good to note that a good one should support from 3 pounds and above, although the ones which can do 5 and above are best preferred.

It is important to note that memory foam mattresses are relatively more expensive than the regular mattresses and it is for this reason that you must insist on getting a genuine one. The memory mattress has the special cells bonded to its core and this makes it not only very comfortable but very durable. That is why you will find a manufacturer of a good mattress giving a warranty of up to 20 years.  On the other hand people can choose to buy the memory foam topper to supplement the mattress itself. While this will work just the same in terms of comfort, be advised that they hardly last long enough to give you the service desired.

When the mattress was invented in the 70s it remained the preserve of the NASA until the 90s when a few commercial mattress makers got hold of the concept. But still the mattress was specifically made for medicinal reasons and it was exorbitantly expensive for many people and for this reason it continued being out of reach to many.

Commercial mattress makers finally got to manufacture the mattress and the price has come down to reasonable levels. The only task that remains is for the buyer to look out for a genuinely good mattress and avoid being scammed. The good thing about the world today is that there are internet reviews and it is quite easy to identify a genuine memory foam mattress. The mattress helps one to relax as required and it promotes the overall healthy foam of a person.

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