Iso Cool Memory Foam Mattress Pad with Outlast Cover Review

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The Iso Cool Memory Foam Mattress Pad with Outlast Cover, is a Visco-elastic foam mattress manufactured by the company named ‘Sleep Better’, and gives the best sleeping experience possible. The mattress pad softly cocoons your body and embraces it without giving you the time to observe the effect as you doze off. The iso cool mattress pad is often recommended by doctors and physiotherapists for individuals suffering from lack of a sound and healthy sleep. It also proved to be of great help for elder people who frequently complain of body pains.

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The quilted thread count of the iso cool memory foam mattress is 300, which is considered to be more than standard. Its outlast cover is fabricated with 100% cotton material. An eleven ounce polyester yarn with the latest outlast technology is entrenched inside it. Its typical memory foam width is 3 inches. A mattress of depth up to 20 inches can conveniently be snuggled in the Spandex Skirt.

Iso Cool Memory Foam Mattress Pad Features & Specifications

  • Quilted 300 thread count, 100% cotton cover
  • 11oz polyester fiber and Outlast technology
  • 3-Inch thick memory foam
  • Spandex Skirt fits up to a 20 inch mattress
  • Cover is machine washable

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The specially designed outlast cover of the iso cool memory foam mattress pad is machine washable. A wide variety of sizes are obtainable, like the Twin size mattress, Full size, Queen size, King size and the California King size mattress foams. The length of the mattress is 77 inches, width 58 inches and thickness 3 inches. It can be purchased on which offers free shipping to postal addresses within USA and to some specified countries, with the shipping weight being 31.6 pounds.

The iso cool memory foam mattress pad with outlast cover aids in the regulation and equilibrium of our body heat which progressively keeps changing throughout the night, with the support of its outlast adaptive cosyness material. This indicates that you can have a very comfortable sleep even during the hottest summer nights and coldest winter nights, as the mattress keeps you cooler than usual for a longer period of time. Its Spandex Skirt resolutely grips the pad in its right place even on very dense mattresses as if it were a solitary unit.

Iso Cool Memory Foam Mattress Pad Review

This Foam Mattress Pad received over 282 reviews, with most them being very positive. Its average consumer rating is 4.3/5, which speaks volumes about its quality. The price of this mattress pad is very competitive, which many of the customers found reasonable. Several users quoted that the sleeping experience was like sleeping on a cloud and that it dismissed their body pains after regular usage. Click here to read more reviews.

However, a reviewer complained that the mattress pad overheated their already hot mattress in summer. Another reviewer did not like the odor the mattress emitted immediately after opening. The negative reviews of this product were 10 times less than the positive reviews it gained.

Our thorough research on all the online reviews of this product proved that it’s the best mattress pad with unique features which provide the maximum comfort and relaxation. You can go ahead and buy the Iso Cool Memory Foam Mattress Pad at a justifiable price on Amazon and have a great night’s sleep every day. Save 2% and get it shipped to you for free from Amazon now!

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